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    Mabus Hosting / BoxVPS - 1 year review

    After a year with them, I'm looking to leave Mabus (aka BoxVPS), and here's why:

    In March '07, things started really good. The package was $7 monthly for 5GB shared hosting, unlimited bandwidth, 5 domains, and loads of subdomains, FTP accounts, emails, PHP, etc. Their servers were reportedly in CA where me and my clients reside, bandwidth was lovely, and their support personnel responded usually within half an hour.

    Things started to spiral down about half a year in. The mail server handshake became much slower, often timing out so only a 2nd attempt would work. Their control panel site has always been unstable, requiring reloads every so often. A few weeks ago, their whole website was down for some 8 hours, during Monday business hours.

    They've had many days of downtime sending emails to Israel's biggest ISP, Netvision, and its subsidiaries. Messages would linger for 48 hours in Exim and then bounce back without even an SMTP error code. They blamed Netvision, but I could always send successfully through Yahoo or other providers.

    They automatically applied remaining balance towards renewing a domain whose auto-renewal was off. Luckily the balance was $1.50 short of facilitating the payment as I decided to drop the domain.

    One day in November I couldn't access anything - "wrong password" for webmail, FTP, and control panel. Even if we assume that me and my software forgot all the passwords, it took 10 DAYS of email correspondence to reset them.
    They (still) have no provisions for automatic password resetting. They don't have phone support and do their best to not advertise any phone numbers anywhere. There is an online chat feature, which is not necessarily available during business hours. Their online support tickets system has been down for a month now, saying they're still working on a new one. Meanwhile they ask you to send them an email with your PIN.
    Most strikingly, they don't seem to have a grasp of handling sensitive user data; they'd routinely ask for your username and password over email. I've never seen that anywhere else.

    I don't think I need to add any descriptive impressions - I'm on the look for a different host now.

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    Thanks for the review , sounds like you are making the right choice to leave them
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    A year with subliming service is not good indication of improvement on a hosting provider. Their servers might providing much load to tons of customers that's why their service become poorer. Hope you find a good one with reliable reputation over years.

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