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    Server Optimization, Non Cpanel, CentOS, Apache/Mysql

    Can someone recommend me a company that will optimize my web server?

    It's a non cpanel, centos server running apache/php/mysql.


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    I would reccomend only 1 Server Management company.

    Not the cheapest by any means but definatley the best I've used.

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    Total Server Solutions ( do server optimizations and I would recommend them as well as Scott from AdminGeekz. - Providing a better web hosting experience since 2001
    Shared Web Hosting, VPS, Managed VPS, Dedicated Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers

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    Why don't you post some information about the thing you need to be done. More forum members will be interested to discuss them and to contact you.
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    A thread in offers and requests can drag a lot of potential members and company for the job done. Its pretty simple too.

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    Nice info for me.

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