Modern-help, is a primary certified modernbill reseller, offering professional services from installation, configuration, customization & affordable licenses!

Looking for a complete automated billing solution for your company?, then modernbill is the solution for you, I have posted a summary of some our affordable services -

Modernbill Installation
Modern-help, will install the latest version of modernbill - $10.95

Modernbill Upgrade
Modern-help, will upgrade your current release to the newest stable release - $10.95

Modernbill Migration v4 <-> v5
Modern-help, will migrate your full system from v4 to v5 for $65.95

Modernbill Visual Integration
Modern-help, will integrate your modernbill order form seamlessly into your design. - $35.95

Package Creation
Modern-help, will configure 5 packages of your choice into your modernbill system - $14.95

Automation Setup
Modern-help, will configure your modernbill system to be fully automated - $14.95

Modern-help, offers many many affordable, professional services for your modernbill installation. Need a Custom Solution? Not a problem no matter how big or small your project is, modern-help can help you! Please contact us! for a quote today!

Modern-help, also offers affordable, professional Kayako Solutions as well, from Installation, configuration, visual customization as well -

Kayako Installation - $10.95

Kayako Upgrade - $10.95

Kayako Visual Integration
Modern-help, will integrate the end user into your design so it fits seamlessly into your design & give you that consist flow through your site! - $65.95

For further information regarding our Kayako solutions please visit :

Thank You!