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    Smile Seeking $4.000 in investment

    I am seeking an investment in my web software project, a social networking platform. (name disclosed)

    About the software
    The software was created as the base point for an extensible social network.
    We build web applications and created the software because we needed to build multiple social networks. Rather than code each from scratch we created a base set of features and functions each one would need.

    This base application could then be used over and over again, in different environments and with added modules as per our clients’ needs.

    The result was the software, it was such a solid, extensible application we decided to release it to the public.

    All of the scripts we write are written by us, in-house.

    I am seeking an investment of $4.000, the investment will be used to increase the development and in the marketing area to increase the sales, i am then talking about banner ads and other types of advertising on the internet.

    That I will offer the investors, is 50% off all sales income.

    Since the start our customers have purchased 262 licenses.
    It is today 300 registered customers.
    We are getting 3-4 new customers every day.

    I hope my software and project sounds interesting!
    If you are interested plase send pm!
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