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    Quickbooks vs. MS Money Business?

    Does anyone out there have experience using MS Money Business/Deluxe edition?

    I have a trial of quickbooks 2002 basic which is REALLY cool, but it's also $179 and a lot of overkill. MS Money Business seems to have some good features and is less $.

    Or, is there some other solution any of you know about (inexpensive <$100).


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    The Office Depot store near my home has Peachtree Complete 2002 on clearance for $88.00 - 50% = 44.00. The new 2003 version retails for $299.

    If you're interested in this, keep in mind there are three different types of Peachtree accounting packages.

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    Not to be a pessimist, but I heard from many that Peachtree (including the basic packages) weren't so hot.....

    Maybe they are wrong?

    What's your experience with the product?

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    I don' t use it. But the reviews at seem like Quickbook's -- hit and miss.

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    I use quickbooks pro 200 religiously for my design and hosting business. I was able to completely customize it to fit what I needed it to do.

    It also has wonderful integration features such as invoicing via email, accepting credit cards, online billing services (free and paid) and on and on..

    I went to a local whoolesalehouse (Sams, Costco) which are BOTH online ( and and I bought my version on QB Pro 2002 for $209.00 and since I had a REALLY old version of QB's I also received a $100.00 rebate and in addition, Costco kicked me back another $50.00.. So for $50 bucks, it it MORE than worth the money..

    I can honestly say, I love QB's and would highly reccomend it.. Just look for it on sale at your local office supply stores or places like those I listed above..

    Hope this helps you out!!

    PM if you need anything else!!

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    where did u get the trial version?

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    Call intiut. Maybe they have some.

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    I've been using MS Money Business for a while, and overall it works fine. You can't really schedule recurring invoices though.

    I thought I'd try a "real" accounting program. Staples has a special right now on Peachtree Accounting 2003. Its $199 - $35 instant rebate - $165 mail in rebate = FREE! I figured I'd try it, but I haven't had a chance to load it yet.

    True, you do have to wait about 8 weeks for the money back, but FREE is FREE
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    Holy Cow! Now THAT's a deal.

    But about MS Money. Does it get the job done. I am starting out with hosting and web design and I don't want to spend a lot of money on Quickbooks until I have enough business to justify that kind of expnse.

    Will money suffice for a small small company? It's $50 at staples after rebates.


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    One thing you may want to consider is that if you're going to need an accountant to do a corporate tax return in the future, what accounting software you use will effect the accountant's fee. We asked what software packages our's was familiar with and he specified Quickbooks. All I had to do was provide him with the quickbooks file and he took care of the rest....very simple.
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    Sage is a top-notch accounting softwre here in the UK, not sure about the US, but we didn't choose Sage as the interface of it was very confusing. Between MS Money and QuickBooks 2002 Pro, we decided on the latter because our accountant is a certified QuickBooks professional, which meant that he perferred that we use it over MS Money.

    MS Money is a good package, but I don't think it's suited to a business, whereas QuickBooks is specifically designed for businesses.

    Alan Ho
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    nobody uses ms money for business that grows, it's more a "toy" for hobbiests quickbooks pro is decent. MYOB or AccountingEdge are topnotch. I prefer accountingEdge, so do most large accounting firms.

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    Peachtree actually rocks. To make a comparison that people in this forum might understand....

    Quickbooks = MS Frontpage
    Peachtree = Dreamweaver

    Peachtree 2003 has a great new feature, integration with ACT. Unless you want to get something like Oracle Small Business, Peachtree/ACT is the most powerful tool for managing customers.

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