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    * Need flexible billing software

    I need your recommendation and help.

    I will use WHM/cPanel and domain reseller plan with anyone domain provider. Now I need choice good billing software but I do not know which is better for me. I have some specific requirements for it:
    1. Add my own country language
    2. Add my own country currency
    3. Use 2 or more currency simultaneously
    4. I need to receive money by bank transfers, but I need use 2 or more difference bank accounts simultaneously. And clients must choose where to pay.
    5. I will receive payments monthly, but need give option to clients to pay in advance for some period.
    6. There will be particular clients whom I will give hosting and domain free of charge: my friends or my own. So I need give selectively to some clients discount from normal paid service plans.
    I need all above mentioned feature. Do you know billing software that has them?

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    Try ModernBill

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    Some of the most popular hosting billing softwares: WHMCS, AWBS, Modernbill, WHMAutoPilot, Clientexec, phpCOIN...
    Try them and decide which one you will use yourself.
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    Yes, thank you, I know about all these popular billing software, but which of them has the features I need?

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