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    Question H-Sphere Reseller Billing Problem/Question - Help!

    Dear All,

    I am reselling hosting with hspehere and am new to HSphere. I love the system but I am having a billing problem (or maybe it's just how the system is) and I could really use some help or advice.

    I have my top level reseller account that I log in to. The only account I have here is my administration account (and when I click on that account I get to my sub accounts -- my personal corporate domain and my one customer's domain).

    1. ----- TOP LEVEL BILLING PROBLEM------

    When I look at my billing in my top-level reseller account, under Reseller Price, the "in use" units are inaccurate.

    On my plan I was given by my host, I have 10GB and 500MB to resell. When I signed up my first customer, my reseller account got a bill for going over the disk space. When I looked at the Reseller Price resources units "in use" it now says 600. (the plan I sold gave the user a max of 100mB). Also, I have 10GB allotted to me. When I signed up this user (2GB allowed), the list now says that I have 12 GB in use. I appears that Hsphere added the resources I sold to my customer on TOP of my reseller account, instead of as if the resources I gave to my customer were FROM my account.

    I was under the impression that the resources I sell come from the original 10GB and 100MB I have to resell. Why does H-sphere add the space given to my one customer account on top of my reseller account and not inclusive?

    2. ----- My promotional/corporate domain issue --------

    Futhermore, I have my corporate domain hosted (as the book says) on a plan my host created for me. They called it "system plan - do not use". The user ID for this plan is "mynamewww". They told me this plan was for hosting my corporate domain, and was like any other account. When I log into my admin accout and look at the accounts I have, I have my administration account, my "system plan do not use" to host my personal site, and my one customer.

    When I click on my personal domain (the one hosted under 'system plan - do not use') [I have this plan turned off so it's not used by anyone other than me] I have under the plan 10GB and 500MB as the totals allotted to the account. Is THIS the error? Should I have signed up for an account UNDER the system plan-do not use? My hosts told me that I should just use what they gave me as the account under the system plan do not use.

    Should my personal/corporate just be another account. It feels to me like I have my corporate domain with (10GB/500MB)and my customer with (2GB/10MB) and hsphere is adding the two to the sum of my reseller account. Is something wrong with my config?

    3. ---- Resultant problem with my 1 customer account ----
    Lastly, when I look at my customer account, the bars on his quickview seem accurate to me. When I do a bandwith check thru hsphere on him it matches the quickview bar. When I look under his units, however, it says he's used 2 of 2 units under transfer. He hasn't iused all 2GB yet, so why does it say 2GB have been used?

    Also, under his disk space used, the number resembles the amount listed in his webshell. The units/resources thing says he has 100 in use of 100 free. Why is this going on? (for the same reason as above with the 2/2GB?).

    My host has told me that they don't bill me out of H-sphere and I shoulnd't be concerned, but I've done extensive searching on this problem, and have found nothing on my problem, leading me to believe that I have something configured incorrectly -- or that my host has set me up incorrectly.

    Also, I need to be able to track my customers use so I can bill fairly, and if I have no consistent reliable way to see my customers useage, it's going to be impossible to use hspehere.

    Alternatlively, how do you resellers bill your customers (not 2checkout, authorize, etc. I mean how do you TRACK their useage and coordinate with H-sphere if the above is 'how it is' with the system). Someone mentioned transfer logs for GB's? But for MB's?

    Thanks to all in advance for your help with this issue. I appreciate any and ALL advice.


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    just reduce the 10GB you have alloted yourself. assign yourself something like 100MB. that would solve your problem. besides t don't post anything this big, nobody will answer this much questions one time.
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    Thanks for BOTH pieces of advice!


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