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    Slow AJAX loading sites

    I noticed a lot of corporate sites that switched to AJAX load a lot slower. All you see is the neverending animated circle image. It makes me wonder if AJAX is actually more efficent?

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    Same question here. Yahoo Mail Ajax is way slower than their old version. is also a tad slow compared to

    But therotically Ajax should be faster because it is only loading a portion of the webpage.

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    Yeah I read a book where AJAX should be faster but apparently it isn't. Perhaps it is faster for the server but slower for the user.

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    As far as I have been reading, it really depends on the browser implementation. Some browsers seem to not be able to interpret AJAX in an efficient fashion.
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    Look at CSS for example. There's a user on this forum that had their entire company website coded in CSS and since then I've never gone back to purchase his/her product because the website loads in the most funky manner. It's extremely annoying.

    Tables FTW! lol

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    It depends on the browser Mekhu. I prefer using CSS for styling and tables for layout, for now.

    Tables are older and more uniformly implemented where as CSS is newer and there are still browsers out there that hardly support it / don't support it.
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