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    Hi. We are looking to create an API for our control panel and a central server system that will manage many servers, however I have a question

    What do you recommend as the best type of communication/security for this? Should i have each server generate a random key that the admin can change at any time, then the admin must tell the central server the key to the server? and when any requests are made the key is included? i know thats defnatelay safer than transfering a root pw around but is there a secure way I can do this?\

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    Well... I thought about it real quick... And really SSH might be the easiest way to communicate... And use SSH-keys for authorization...

    It could be easier than creating your own app that runs on another port, and you'd have to worry about auth, secure communications, etc... And SSH is already on most servers, so you could list for inital install, just the IP, root pass, and define the stuff you want setup on it..

    And let the panel install the software on the server itself remotely...
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