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    Cheap Custom Dynamic web forms with php, and site design

    I offer my services for custom website forms development at cheaper rate.

    The forms may be:

    1. Contact us
    2. Feedback
    3. Tell a Friend
    4. Tell Friends
    5. Signup for Newsletter
    6. User Registeration

    or similar other.

    I also offer my services for website development and Search engine optimization.

    Price shall be discussed at bargain
    Payment can be made by Check, or paypal or any other mode you prefer.
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    Any examples of your work?
    zenndex - custom website design & unique templates-
    Only one chance to make a first impression ... Give your website a unique look

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    you can see the Contact us form Generator (Developed by me) at: (Causion: This is old script and involves security holes and no error logging. If you are going to use this Generator, use it at your own risk. It is easy to hack).

    ALso check these contact us form:

    and tell a friend form:

    Most of my develpment is offline and i continuously develop different php works to optimize my skills and develop more efficient samples. I have recently developed a registeration form with excellent errors logging ( but i cant show you that at the moment).

    You can also visit my SEO site : to see my knowledge on this topic.

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