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    .com/net/org-$6.75 .info-$1.79 .in-$3.89 free privacy protect!


    Current Promo Pricing: (Promo end date to be announced, sign up soon)

    .com/net/org for only $6.75 (first year new registration only).
    .info --$1.79 (1st Year New registrations only)
    .in ----$3.89 (1st Year New registrations only) -$3.89 (1st Year New registrations only) (All third level .in domains)

    Now check out our incredibly low regular pricing and you'll see why you should transfer all your domain name hosting to EZHostz.Biz.

    .com ----$6.75 1st Year registrations (Renewal $7.59) (Transfer $7.29)
    .net ----$6.75 1st Year registrations (Renewal $7.59) (Transfer $7.29)
    .org ----$6.75 1st Year registrations (Renewal $7.59) (Transfer $7.29)
    .info ---$7.59 (Renewal $7.59) (Transfer $7.29)
    .biz ----$7.59 (Renewal $7.59) (Transfer $7.29)
    .us -----$7.59 (Renewal $7.59) (Transfer $7.29)
    .name ---$7.59 (Renewal $7.59) (Transfer $7.29)
    .in -----$14.35 --$7.65 (All third Level .in)

    *Free Privacy Protect with every domain.

    *Note: As per the respective Registrys' mandate, Private Whois cannot be used for .us, .in and .eu .

    For great Prices on other TLDs click here.

    ICANN fees included in all prices. We don't fool you with extra charges, like some do to make prices look cheaper.

    We're not your everyday fly by night domain/webhosting merchant.

    EZHostz.Biz in business since: Aug 24 2003

    Parent Company (DotJunction.Com) since: Aug 03 2002

    Thousands of domains under our belt, and many happy customers.

    Resellers check Reseller.EZHostz.Biz! Reseller accounts are free! Any money you deposit goes towards domain names (or other products) purchased. Free turnkey domain registration website nothing to buy ever, we supply a readymade site and host it for you free! Why pay other domain registrars to host your site to sell for them? Minimum deposit just $20 and you're in business.

    Domain names to reseller's as low as:

    .com ----$7.18
    .net ----$7.18
    .org ----$7.18
    .info ---$7.18 (Current promo $1.75)
    .biz ----$7.19
    .us -----$6.75
    .name ---$6.75
    .in -----$13.75 (Current promo $3.85) --$7.05 (Current promo $3.85)
    .asia ---$15.60 (Current pre-registration)

    Other services you'll find great deals on @ EZHostz.Biz:

    Thawte SSL Digital Certificates (21 Day free trial!)!

    USA Hosting linux/windows (always sensible packages)*
    India Hosting linux/windows (always sensible packages)*
    Email only Hosting*
    Website Builder*
    Live Chat Services*
    *30 day money back guarantee.

    Paypal or Credit Card.
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    EZHostz.Biz (Established in 2003) a DotJunction.Com Company.
    EZHostz.Biz <-> Reseller Info Domain Name Sales, WebHosting, Email Only Hosting, & Much More.
    Providers of Directi & Enom Reseller Accounts.

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