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    Question Netsol -VS- Godaddy

    Why does netsol cost $35.00 a year for CNO domain names and godaddy is only $8.95?

    That's a big price difference

    I read some post about godaddy on this forum asking how they can charge only $8.95 a year, and I notice the question was overlooked a lot of the times and people responded with comments irrelevant to the question like godaddy SPAMS, etc...I just want to know why is there such a big difference, and which one would you recommend.

    I currently have two domains registered with netsol, I got them both over a year ago. I haven't ever had a problem with netsol, but as i'm about to buy a third domain I wonder is it worth paying that $35.00 when there is so much cheaper competition out there?

    Any help?


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    Domain registration was opened up to general competition a couple of years ago. At that time, Network Solutions had a monopoly on domain registration, and could charge basically whatever they wanted.

    Domain registration is now open to anyone who wants to become ICANN accrediated.

    Some ICANN accredited domain registrars sell primarily through resellers, and as such have low overhead - so domain names can be offered at very low margins.

    NetSol has a huge percentage of the market and continues to charge high prices for their domains.

    Tucows/OpenSRS, GoDaddy, eNom and others charge less, for the same "domain product" with different company structures and overhead. Now you get to shop for the company who has the services you need at a price you want, and judge the risk you are taking with each of these companies.

    Many have characterized the domain market at the Wild Wild West. Good luck making your decision. There are many choices now - at last count there are over 140 ICANN accredited registrars, and with reseller programs, there are tens of thousands of domain resellers out here.

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    Thanks for your answer thewitt, it cleared things up for me. Now I just wonder if out of those 140 anybody can help me narrow it down a little bit.


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    113 (cheap price, located in france, ive used them for 5 domains, never needed to contact support at all, they have nice control panel to set up and easy to understand) (Only registerd 3 domains here, more people use this register then any other besides network solutions i would think but i could be wrong)

    I suggest just going with

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    To narrow down your options, you need to let us know your requirements.

    Some people are looking for $7 domain names.

    Some people are looking for hosting, email, DNS, babysitting, home-shoping networks, and love advice from their domain registrar (sorry, got carried away there).

    Some people need on-the-phone, 7x24 support.

    Some people need to pay by check, money order or wire transfer.

    Some people need to buy multiple TLDs, in hundreds of different country domain extentions.

    Some will not buy from a reseller.

    Some want an easy to use, online, real-time domain management control panel - others don't care.

    Some want support to reply to them within an hour via email - others don't care if support ever replies.

    You will get "I love XZY-domainco" recommendations from everyone here, based on what they care about on the list above, so I'm not sure how to limit your choices.

    Good luck

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    I suggest you stay clear away from netsoln or, they charge way to much. You should just register you names at places that are cheap, e.g one of enom's resellers maybe, they're even cheaper than godaddy some of them. and you dont have to worry about services because you are under enom's administration, and I believe(from what i heard and some experiences) they have a good customer service. why pay $35/name when you can get one for $8 - $10?. I have been using Godaddy for the past 2 years and they have ben great. You hav complete conrtol over your domains, and ownership transfer is even free.
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    The only features I really need are DNS / Contact modification, and I would like an online control panel. Other then that, i'm just trying to find a good price. If domains are going as low as $8.95, then it's not neccesary to pay $35.00 a year.

    I currently have two domains with netsol, that's $70.00 a year with a 3rd that would be $105.00. That's ridiculous when comparing that to godaddy where I would pay $26.85 a year for all three of them which is less then what i'm paying for one now.

    The only thing that stopped me from going ahead and registering with a cheaper provider is that i'm unaware of what would happen to my domain if they went out of business?.

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    Originally posted by Big-Mike
    The only thing that stopped me from going ahead and registering with a cheaper provider is that i'm unaware of what would happen to my domain if they went out of business?.
    If a reseller goes out of business, the domains will default to the registrar to manage. He can choose to sell or give your names to another one of his resellers, or if he has a public domain registration factility, to take them over himself. The problem here is not when the reseller goes under, but when he's no longer healthy, and you are expected to use him for support - since you generally cannot go directly to the registrar in a reseller arrangement.

    If the registrar goes away, your domains would become the responsibility of the registry. It's unlikely that the registrar would go away without being forced to sell off his assets however, so you would end up at another registrar (like NetSol) who has a lot of money and buys up registrars who are going out of business.

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    When you say
    He can choose to sell or give your names to another one of his resellers, or if he has a public domain registration factility, to take them over himself.
    do you mean he can give my domain to another reseller as in to manage, or as in so they can sell it to somebody else so it wouldn't be my domain anymore?

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    Step right up

    $35 domains here....what's the difference between the $35 domain I want to sell you and their $10 domain.....$ it has to be better.....oh....and with the $35 domain, I promise to ignore any support questions, make it as difficult as I can for you to transfer your domain away, and, if it ever expires take forever to turn it loose for the public to take it and charge an outrageous price for registering it through me.......ah....I once had a monopoly, and I will continue to act like I have one....I will also mail customers of other registrars and attempt to trick them into transferring to me.....what other devious schemes can I devise....don't worry, I am always working on some.

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    Incognito, well said! / / : Interested?

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    I had 11 domains with godaddy but became a reseller for them and transfered them to my own little company I never had any problems with them and i would rather not talk about netsol, my nightmares are over / / : Interested?

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    Originally posted by Big-Mike
    When you say ... he can give my domain to another reseller as in to manage, or as in so they can sell it to somebody else so it wouldn't be my domain anymore?
    To manage. The domain is still yours. The new reseller may charge $20 to renew so you may have to transfer again, but the domain is still yours.

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    Ok, all of my question on this topic are cleared up.

    Thanks a lot for the help

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    no difference at all, heck even godaddy provides better customer service then netsol!

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    I used to be happy with godaddy. I have had multiple domains with no trouble making changes. First time I have a real problem I get no help.

    Whilke trying to update IPs on a nameserver I continual get errors. I exchane email with support for three days. I have done everything they ask. When it still doen't work I am told the IPs are not valid nameservers.

    To prove they are wrong I take another domain registerd with godaddy and setup nameservers on the exact IPs I was told are invalid.

    I then call support. After a 15 min wait, the tech tells me the same set of instruction I have followed via email. I explain what has happened. When he tries to manually set the IPs he gets errors. "hmm that's funny it won't let me change the IPs" It finally looks like the system accept they changes. I end my 25 min call(at my expense) and log out.

    Check in later and the changes have not been accepted and I have over 30 error emails from the system waiting for me.

    rrrrrrrrr! Looks like Enom or OpenSRS time. Never had problems there.

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