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    Dazed and Confused

    The more I look into webhosting, the more confused I get! Dedicated servers, shared servers, linux, windows......ack! So here's my problem.

    I volunteer with our local GAA football club. It's a small club, run largely on grants and moneys gained from fundraising efforts. I help out in whichever way I can, mainly through fundraising, sharing my limited IT knowledge and some general "Girl Friday" jobs.

    Last year our club took up on an offer from a local Irish company offering a CMS service. It suited me ideally as whilst I do have a background in print design, I know absolutely nothing about webdesign or site creation. I learned their system as best I could and managed to produce a passable site.

    Now however, I want more

    I've tried to teach myself Dreamweaver. No luck. Way over my head.
    CoffeeCup - same.

    So what I need is a host with an easy to use builder that will allow me to have the following at a REASONABLE cost (our clubs funds are very limited!)

    Basic Pages for stuff that will only change a couple of times a year, like History, team profiles etc.
    Pages that will be updated regularly like news, fixtures, results etc.
    A gallery that will show photos of recent matches and archive older ones.
    Lotto page, where visitors can choose their four lotto numbers and pay online for entry to the draw
    and eventually a shop to sell a small variety of merchandise.

    Currently the sporting organisations (GAA) main site does offer a CMS based service free to clubs. Needless to say, it's very very basic and looks absolutely dreadful, with all the sites using the same template. However, it's designed to be used by those who have little experience in such matters, allowing for easy entry of basic data. *can't post a link yet *

    p.s. I have managed to design a site header, buttons, etc so ideally if I could use those, but no biggie if I can't.

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    So what is your budget ? Cause if you lotto script etc etc. such things will cost you , there are free ones for forums,calanders, polls etc etc. but lotto ??

    Anyways without html knowledge you will be restricted to lots of features and stuff. So, give dream weaver another shot !! Only took me few weeks/years to learn it i think !!

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    Budget is about 100 euro (at current rate, about 150usd) per year

    The lotto is just a local draw and won't be heavily subscribed. It is legally licensed and has been up and running for about ten years now. It works by choosing four numbers out of 28. Most of the small football clubs in Ireland operate one to generate funds.

    However, I can work around the need for an automated online service by providing a downloadable PDF entry form if needs be (for now) although I know it will probably limit interest in it.

    As for learning DW. Believe me I have tried! I'm afraid my brain just isn't wired that way LOL.
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    In my opinion Joomla will work for your needs. It is one of the best CMS-es on the market and it has all the features you need. ( I am not sure only about lotto, as I do not have any experience with it and do not know how it works) This application is very user-friendly and easy to learn. There are quite a lot text and video tutorials which will help you to learn it quite well for 1-2 weeks.
    Also it does not require much resources, so any good host will suit your needs and for a price between $60-$120. The only tricky thing is regarding the installation of modules to Joomla ( forum, gallery, etc. they are all modules and need to be added to your Joomla). So if you are not sure whether you will be able to install them, look for a host that will do it for you for free. Hope I was helpful

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    So if you are not sure whether you will be able to install them, look for a host that will do it for you for free.
    Unlikely to happen at his budget level. He doesn't have to have the forum and everything integrated via Joomla though. He could simply add a forum in a /forum directory, a gallery in /gallery etc. might be a good site for you to visit as it presents many of the popular free software out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc View Post
    He doesn't have to have the forum and everything integrated via Joomla though.
    Yes but then he'll end up with all different designs for the forum/news/etc and there's a lot of money involved into porting themes from one CMS to the other.
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