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    lxadmin review , its really a panel of next generation

    I have been using this software from last 1.5 years, since I signed up in their initial promotion. I would like everyone know about it and how its performing better then any other panel available to endusers here on WHT. I have extensively used DA, Cpanel and Plesk in the linux environment, here some of my better experiences with lxadmin :

    1. Its about Resource consumption : This is a lighthouse in the middle of sea, AMAZINGLY less on resources, I have been running very high traffic websites and its still unbelievable for me how some dynamic DB websites with 500 concurrent users can still never use more then 300 MB of RAM.

    2. Its about options : choose either apache or lighttpd, choose either tinydns or bind, On the fly changes which gives u really a feature from other world.

    3. Its about support : I can confirm lxlabs' official statement that their software DONOT contain any bugs, since I never ever faced any hiccup in the system, But still there are times when users get stuck up in internal process, You call support, and as soon as you post your topic in forum, next moment there is a reply with a fix, which is more important and critical for a commercial online business.

    4. its about features : I am bound to say, Unmatchable. They have everything which gives them an impression of most feature rich thing in the niche, You imagine it and they have it.

    5. Its about ease of use : The navigational system and left panel drop downs gives you ease of any control of any domain in a single click.

    6. Its about non-ripping : Best of all they do not have plans to rip of their customers, very genuinely priced, an unlimited license can be had in just $18 for a dedicazted server, For VPS its the cheapest available panel in the premium category.

    7. Its all about developement : single click updates gives you something better then the previous versions, they are constantly working on making it even more better, every time there is an update, there's some more ease of use.

    What more, they have clustered versions, SSE versions, windows yet to come and a bunch more better things which makes it a wonderful thing.

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    Im testing LxAdmin for a VPS plan for almost a month now. I agree on some points with you.

    1. Yes this is true, its very light, specially with hostinabox for small vps plans. It takes more or less 40 MB ram with the OS running and the panel. I could not test it with real heavy websites, i still dont see how you can accomplish only 300 Mb Ram with 500 concurrent users. Are you sure about this? I have seing people that say lighthttp is a heavy resource hug for traffic sites creating a process for each connection which has to be limited on lxadmin or switched to apache. Im interesting on hearing how you can accomplish this, you mean 300 connections of what? A forum with mysql? I know its light on resources but 500 users on 300 MB????

    2. That is true. I never saw that on a panel. Switch the whole http server with a clic. This would work on VPS of course i dont know how it will impact on a server that is not a vps plan. But the features are really great, never saw those on other panels.

    3. Call? They did not answered an email i sended 2 weeks ago. The only support they do is in the forum. Still its good for such a cheap product. Some vendors dont give any support at all. I would rate support 4 or 5.

    4. Agree here.

    5. Well, i think it has a lot of development to do. It should be more brandable, specially with Themes not only be able to change the color. People want to match their brand. They have to work more on branding, themes, and language support. But they are on the right track. Documentation is cero, no manuals nothing. So there is something left to do for being a perfect panel.

    6. Agree on that.

    7. Cant tell about this, but in 1 month they already launched an update, that is fast.

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    LXAdmin is light on resources, but I hate it's user interface. It's ugly and needs a fresh new look. DirectAdmin is a great place to base off of, it looks great.

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    simplywww: directadmin and cpanel hosting that will rock your socks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougy View Post
    LXAdmin is light on resources, but I hate it's user interface. It's ugly and needs a fresh new look. DirectAdmin is a great place to base off of, it looks great.

    EDIT: 1337th post!
    Thats why i said they should allow more branding. Let people change the skins and icons would be nice.

    The interface is very simple, its not hard, its actually very easy to use. Just the design and icons are a little ugly. The same concept with a new design would be excellent. Plesk sucks but has a nice visual impact. Lxadmin the system is great, it just needs more focus on design and what easier then let people design their own skins. Same for HyperVM.

    Make it fully brandale. Fully plugin in able.
    Make documentation in several languages
    Support several languages

    And it will become a major hit in the industry since programming is good. It needs more attention on looks and business focusing. The website is also very horrible and has spelling errors. With some fixes they will overcome every major panel outhere in the VPS industry.

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