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    I haven't been super picky with my websites. I run a personal website, hosted at which is seldom updated, and receives little traffic. So when I noticed frequent server outages, I chose to forgive the host out of convenience and since the plan was a very good value.

    Only this most recent outage has lasted two days. And today, when I went to the Serverway website to see what's going on, I've found the entire site is down. A google search led me to a thread on this forum which revealed that Serverway is NO LONGER AN ACTIVE HOSTING COMPANY.

    The guy claims to keep running the server until everyone have switched, but I've never even received an email notifying me that I should be switching to another host! I sent an email to the guy running the show there, and I have my fingers crossed that maybe the server will come back up. And now I hate myself for not doing the research when I noticed the downtimes. But seriously -- don't we as customers have a right to be notified when something like this occurs? Is this something that happens often? Are we really staking everything on the decency and reputation of these companies?

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    Most companies will notify their clients before closing down servers as a courtesy. However, sometimes things happen quickly and their account gets suspended by the datacenter before they notify their clients.

    Everybody hopes that their business will not go down so many tend to hold on too long.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, I am not familiar with but hopefully the owner will help you out.

    There is an extremely high turnover rate in the future, only careful research before hosting with a company will help you reduce this risk. Even then, some popular hosting companies went out of business last summer.

    In any case, good luck.
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    Firstly I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you.

    I see no reason for hosts to go out of business.Because put simply in todays industry they could easily sell their client base to another host and close down. Without this sudden impact to customers who have to suddenly look for a host. It would be nice to know why they went out of business. But truth be told they were probably never in "business" and were just run by a kid, however I don't know the company so thats just guessing.

    You should have been notified and unfortunately it is happening more often but I don't recall any "popular" companys going out of business last summer.

    You'll find that kids start up on summber holidays and when its back to school time service either drops or they shut up shop.

    You have the best place right here to find a new host and wish you all the best with it and I hope you have a backup of your data or the owner of serverway will help you out.
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    Thats sucks been there my self. Samething happened to me about 2 years ago with some hosting I had with registerfly. I didnt even know anything was wrong and a day later I found out my site was down about 2 days after that (I didnt recieve any info about what was going on) I found out they had "lost" the box my site was hosted on. I laughed at first but then realized how much work and how many members my community had (about 2200). We ended up starting over and all I got from Registerfly was refer to our TOS.

    Good luck remember those site backups and I hope they help you out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawiemander View Post
    But seriously -- don't we as customers have a right to be notified when something like this occurs? Is this something that happens often? Are we really staking everything on the decency and reputation of these companies?
    Not if you fail to research company background , or try to make logical sense of the plans they offer, if they are not practical get ready for such situations one day, can be years or even weeks before it hits you hard !!

    Oh good luck mate to getting your site online, if it was not much data and can still ftp go get it while you can and start looking for better hosting company !!

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