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    Well, backlinks are mainly for improving ranking of your sites, but the back links may also give some targeted traffic to your site as well.

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    Backlinks are very much important as it increases SERP and Page Rank. And if you get dofollow backlinks then it would be much better Google will give priority towards your site.

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    Three factors rules entire SEO process: content, on-page optmization and backlinks, so

    - optimize your website with properly on-page
    - write relevant and user friendly content
    - create backlinks

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    Backlinks are very important for the ranking,traffic and promotion of your website.

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    Backlinks are a tricky subject. Yes, they are very important but it can be tremendously difficult to build an efficient link profile. Spammy links are not the solution today's age of 2.0 bookmarking, social network, your time is almost spent more efficiently if you just write great content that will be naturally linked to around the web. At that point though, it can be very difficult to find proper subjects that have the ability to go viral.

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    In seo backlinks very important !

  7. Quality Back-links are must from websites. it will help you attain rank in search results.

    try to get backlinks from high pagerank websites as they will give more boost to your site ranking.

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    Building quality backlinks is the heart of any working SEO campaign. Without quality backlinks you will never be able to rank for competitive keywords.

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