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    A thank you to you all

    Back in Nov of 06 i was in the market for a new host. I came to this site looking for direction and feedback, something to help me choose my new host. This was the first time for our company to go with a dedi-host (we were on a shared & managed host before), and i had no idea where to start. I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their hosting experience (good and bad alike), you never know who it is going to help, if anyone at all.

    Having said that, I'd like to put in the good word for our hosting company SagoNet ( For the past year this company has provided us with great service and support.

    With very minimal down time (almost none at all, and almost always planned ahead) and a responsive technical support staff, they were there for us from the start. Helping us with our customized server and quickly giving us that reboot-port.

    Their Server Management Portal (for technical support, billing, and other service management functionality) is a very elegant and simple solution. Their billing department is always helpful (our business dept. doesn't let us pay with CC and SagoNet are very patient with them).

    If you have positive experience with your hosting company i'd like to encourage you to share it with other members as well. It's very easy to remember the bad service providers since it leaves a strong negative impression. But the positive experiences can help others even more.

    Thanks again

    Tom A.

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    Thanks for another great review about another good company, never see enough good review, normally always the complaints which get spread across these forums.

    Good to see they have been perfect for a year now and Im sure they will continue to supply you with the same great service for the years to come.

    Good Luck and come back in another years time and give us a update on how things have gone, who knows what hosting will be like in a years time with the introduction of 100mbps connections at home and the large increase in technology... e.t.c

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    It's good to hear something like this in regards to Sago. We've been on the fence with ordering from them for quite awhile because of the reputation they have. After speaking with them we still decided they aren't for us, however it's good to see a satisfied client!
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