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    user friendly "comical" design

    i see some sites with this kinda design, so i wanna know if any of you all think it is effective... heres a few sites that do it:

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    I really don't care about either of those designs.... meaning they aren't the most attractive... but they are better than a lot of site designs online.

    As long as users can navigate your site easily, content is easily spread out, the site flows, and you have a decent design I am happy.

    P.S. I bought a few domains from

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    We've considered that type of design many times. I do think, if done correctly, it can be inviting to a new site owner. E.g. you can make your site appear more 'child-like and simple' which is far less intimidating than all the 'geek talk' on many web hosting/design sites.

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    I like "comical" designs ...

    It feels good to see something 'lively and upbeat' rather than the 'cold-steel, picture with the big monster computer/server that has lazers in it, beams of flashing lights through wires' type of sites' which are most common.
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