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    Very simple paypal cart


    I want to set up a very basic simple paypal cart cause i will be selling just 3 products. However I don't want to use the paypal button or paypal forms cause it will make my site not very serious.

    I have searched but not found something that fits to me.
    Can someone suggest me a script for this or share his/her ideas?


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    It's possible to use your own buttons and forms to sell through Paypal, but in the end the user will be sent to that site to complete payment. As for it not being "serious", many really large retailers have Paypal as an option (Newegg, ThinkGeek..many), so it's not being associated with PP, as much as in how it's presented.
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    Can you suggest me a form ?

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    On the contrary, user will trust Paypal more to do his transaction than a site that he is, probably, visiting for the first time.

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