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    Online Evaluations


    A few months ago I was asked by my college to implement an online evaluation form. That is, the student evaluates the intructor. Most of the scripts out there didn't fit our needs becuase they wanted it customed to fit the needs of our college. The students evaluate online and the records stay online. After the final grades are turned in, the instructor is allowed to check those records.

    I got to the point where I think that the script might be useful for some and I might benefit from the improvements from others too.

    I wanted to know where the best place here in this forum is to post the script as open-source so whoever wants/needs something like it can use it and contribute to it. I am posting it here because most of the help for PHP code, I got them from asking here. I just think it is time to give back, as I found out that other site offering this service charge 10,000 dollars just for the licence. I want to release it for free becuase the script needs WAAAAAAY lots of improvement.

    I have a fake demo, which I posted on hotscripts here:

    Admin, please move this post where you think this should belong

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    Aside from a few small things (visual and the CAPTCHA) that's a well done script. What you should do is give it a name, domain and forum and create a community for it. Update it, add features and you'll get a lot more users. I'm interested to play with it


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