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Thread: bandwith?

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    All you veterans, how do you solve this bandwith "issue".

    If you sell plans with 15 gig / bandwith a month.
    for 15 dollar a month or something close to that.

    You need quite many customers then to cover the connection for your isp, i am aware that most ppl wont use that much bandwith, but has anyone had bad experience with this?

    I mean, 10 mbit/s connection isnt that fast if you have a lot of costumers.

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    I know a 1.5 mb connection came out to something like 360 GB to 380 GB (im sure someone could tell you the exact number) so a 10 mb would be...well you do the math.


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    I believe its "bandwidth". Anyway that wasn't meant to be taken in a bad way. Just trying to help out


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