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Price (if available) / Domain / Expiry / Registrar / Traffic (if available)

$1 denise-richards.info 24-Mar-2008 Godaddy
$1 anna-kournikova.info 24-Mar-2008 Godaddy (Traffic: Feb: 5, Mar: 5)
$1 johnny-cash.info 24-Mar-2008 Godaddy
rivaldo.info 27-May-2008 Godaddy
nicolas-cage.info 29-May-2008 Godaddy
jamie-foxx.info 06-Jun-2008 Godaddy
juliettelewis.info 21-Jun-2007 Godaddy
longnails.info 07/26/2008 Dotster
welshcorgi.info 27-Jul-2008 Dotster
ghostphotos.info 27-Jul-2008 Dotster
james-stewart.info 27-Jul-2008 Dotster (Traffic: Feb: 5, Mar: 5)
scaryopticalillusions.info 07/30/2008 Dotster
claudiopizarro.info 07/30/2008 Dotster
billycurrington.info 07/30/2008 Dotster
riddleindex.com 30-Aug-2008 Godaddy (Back Links: 49)
tonyjaa.info 01-Nov-2008 Godaddy (Registered: 01-Nov-2006)
footballrumours.net 04-Nov-08 Godaddy (Registered: 04-nov-2004, Traffic: Jan: 15, Feb: 29, Mar: 15)
dreammeanings.info 01/12/2009 Dotster (Traffic: Mar:13)
fitnessexercise.info 01/12/2009 Dotster (Traffic: Jan: 121, Feb: 258, Mar: 227)
egyptiangods.info 12-Jan-2009 Godaddy (Registered: 12-Jan-2006, Traffic: Mar: 5)
flyingscotsman.info 20-Jan-2009 Dotster
conanthebarbarian.info 20-Jan-2009 Dotster
exhaustpipe.info 20-Jan-2009 Dotster
meaningofname.info 20-Jan-2009 Dotster
petrified.info 20-Jan-2009 Dotster
cointricks.info 30-Jan-2009 Dotster
laceration.info 30-Jan-2009 Dotster (Traffic: Feb: 12, Mar: 6)
bridgetmoynahan.info 20-Mar-2009 Godaddy (Registered: 20-Mar-2007)