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    Any user help me in hosting...

    i am new to hosting i want all basic information about hosting business like how to i start and how to run this business.

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    Greetings Rajeevvishva

    You wish to run a webhosting business? If yes, then you may want to post in this area:

    Lots of information in there.

    Good luck in your business.
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    Thanks for advise

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    There are some very simple questions for you:
    1) How much thousands $ are you prepared to invest?
    2) What would you offer that top hosts don't have?
    3) How long have you been studying host market?
    4) And yes, business itself: I hope you will be able to find a quality team with excellent 24/7/365 support free phone line?

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    You would need to rent or buy web servers, easiest way is check the advertisements section under reseller options. Once you find a plan that suites your needs and budget register a catchy sounding domain name.

    Get a business toll free number for phone support. Either hire staff or outsource to a company that will do it for you within budget.

    Design a website or hire someone to make one for you (or template). Setup billing software or hire someone to do that within budget. If your a programmer build your own billing software.

    Continue studying business and marketing while promoting your new business and once you figure that works and doesn't your set. Its that easy! - Web Hosting & Design Solutions at Sinful Prices!
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