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    Hey guys, was a site I had planned on starting up and developing about a year or so ago. is a fansite/message board for the national cable channel Comedy Central (has shows like South Park, The Daily Shows with John Stewart, The Colbert Report, etc, etc). With no third party existing message boards related to comedy central television currently around (that I could ever find) this site has great potential to be a huge hit. Unfortunately, I never had to the time develop the community, so I would like to pass this opportunity on to someone else.

    - What's included -
    - domain registered at (free push to buyer). Great, easy to remember, relative domain. Expires 08/27/2008.
    - Niche with huge potential and a massive audience
    - Completely custom designed SMF forum theme to match this site
    - Free month of hosting with

    - Traffic -
    With this being a "startup" site, there isn't really any traffic or revenue yet. Even with just sitting around, however, the site still gets 100-200 unique hits per month (which is quite good). Most of this traffic is from Google. If you Google search the term "Comedy Central Forums", the site is listed on the first page. This goes to show what kind of potential this site can have already.

    With a little bit of effort from the buyer, this site could become a huge success.

    - Price -
    BIN: $300

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Site is sold. Thread closed.
    - Jamie Harrop
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