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    Host speed

    I'm still searching for a new host, but how come sites that are hosted at iron moutnain are so fast? I'm in MI, I'm trying to compare between steadfast and ironmountain right now. Iron mountain is little more generous on resources, but it seems they are really fast. Is bandwidth cheaper in CA?

    If they offered more info in their web page and a chat support feature, I might have signed up last night. Also, being in MI and having a few of my customers in MI, does location state really matter? I read that it does by country, but does state matter?

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    Location matters more in gaming server than it does for hosting. Closer is not always better either. The server could be located right next door but your ISP may route you through a dozen states to get to it. You can do a tracert to see how many hops you will make to the server.

    I live on the South East Coast but selected a provider in Chicago.

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