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Every JaguarPC cPanel Shared Hosting plan includes:

+ Large Premium bandwidth limits
+ Powerful muli-core muli-cpu servers
+ Large RAID10 drive arrays - great I/O disk performance
+ 24x7 Support
+ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
+ FREE Cpanel control panel with Fantastico
+ FREE Daily backups via large R1Soft ECDP NAS appliances
+ FREE Moving assitance and data transfer for moves
+SPECIAL+ 20% OFF for Life on every plan
+SPECIAL+ 50% more diskspace and bandwidth

cPanel Shared Hosting
Gigadeal Shared Hosting
17GB Diskspace + 50% FREE = 26GB
210GB Bandwidth mo. + 50% FREE = 315GB
$11.97/month (monthly term) - 20% Discount = $9.57/month
$9.97/month (6mo term) - 20% Discount = $7.97/month
$8.97/month (yearly term) - 20% Discount = $7.17/month
$7.97/month (2 year term) - 20% Discount = $6.37/month

Coupon Code: "BestHost2008"
ORDER NOW: https://secure.jaguarpc.com/order/

cPanel Semi-Dedicated Hosting
47GB Diskspace + 50% FREE = 70GB
510GB Bandwidth mo. + 50% FREE = 765GB
$29.97/month - 20% Discount = $23.97/month

Coupon Code: "SemiDed2008"
ORDER NOW: https://secure.jaguarpc.com/order/

  • Note:
    ~ While supplies last. When these servers are sold out this sale ends!
    ~ FREE Extras Diskspace and bandwidth are added to your account after setup
    ~ Lifetime discounts are reflected in the price while ordering when you use the coupon code
    ~ You keep your lifetime discount for as along as you keep the account on the same or higher plan


Why JaguarPC?
The bottom line is because we truly care! We have been in this industry since 1998 and know we owe that all to our loyal clients. We put the client first in everything we do from tightly controlled and monitored machines to overall network performance. Please take this opportunity to join the family here at JaguarPC.

Our number one asset here at JaguarPC is without doubt our very skilled and gifted team members. Our overqualified staff will be onsite 24/7 to provide you with any assistance you will ever need. We will cover every aspect of support for your vps from setup to repairs. You break it, we fix it!

How do I Order? How do I get all these extras?
Place your order for the plan and the control panel you want. Do not worry about adding the extra ram, disk, b/w, etc. Our setup engineers will include those when your order is processed as long as you use that coupon code.

Do you allow adult content?
No, we do not allow legal adult content

Do you allow IRC or Proxy sites?
No, sorry we do not.

How long does it take to setup my account?
It can vary from a few minutes to few hours. Shared accounts are setup instantly but the extra space will take a bit longer to apply. If you wish to find out about your order status we welcome you to call us at any time.

What is a lifetime discount?
The discount stays with your account as long as you keep it. The discount can even be passed on to higher vps plans if you decide to upgrade later.

TEST FILE: http://www.jaguarpc.com/test.bin
More Info: http://www.jaguarpc.com/vps-hosting/

If you have anymore questions contact [email protected]
, drop by our community forums, or call toll free 800-558-5869