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    Sales, Support (L1) Reps, Customomer Service [for hire]

    I'm looking for a challenging freelance job. I'm hardworking, self-motivated, adaptable, IT competent, a good communicator and a team player.
    Previous Employment:

    I worked for several hosting companies (2003-2008)

    Job Occupations: Technical Support Representative (Level 1), Supervisor, Customer service, Sales department Representative, Staff Manager.

    Responsibilities Included:

    - Handling of L1 Helpdesk Tickets
    - Addressing Public complaints on known Forums
    - Community Forum Administration
    - Handling various Live chat sessions where a client requests for L1 support and a manager's presence.
    - Handling Support Manager requests submitted by clients.
    - Monitoring, Assisting and Reviewing staff performance and taking necessary action where it was needed.

    Please PM me with the offers

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    Please PM me with references of your former positions.
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    Business opportunity

    You can be part of our nationwide team of dataGuys, helping companies protect their data with new technology, while creatng a revenue stream for yourself that keeps on delivering value, month after month after month. Small initial investment provides you with the opportunity to create your own business backed with sales and service support.

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