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    Need: Vbulletin PRO/Expert/GODLIKE ! Quick and easy cash

    Hey guys.

    I'll be moving onto Vbulletin as my primary forum software.

    I will need a very experienced vbulletin person to do the following:
    • seamlessly integrate my IPB forum to the newest functional version of VB
    • (I don't want to lose my data, forum posts, members, etc)
    • Install mods/hacks (Around 15 or less)
    • Help configure the forum if not functioning properly, but the minor configurations, i will take care of
    Name Your Price. Payment can only be in USD via paypal ONLY

    Contact me VIA PM

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    Sent PM.

    Web Hosting Gurus

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    Oztrayla Mate!
    I see your board is still offline, if the position isn't filled i can assist as i've moved numerous boards to vB.


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