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    Making a free domain or doing self hosting.

    Can you make a free domain and if not which domains companies won't drop me and can I host my domain myself?

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    free domain???? never heard of that

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    Their has to be a way to make domains or no one would have a web site. That's a big company secret because if everyone knew how to make and host domains without them then they would go bankrupt. I know you guys may not know but I'm just checking out opinions.

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    Yes, it's all a big secret. But here's the scoop: All you need to do is create your own alternative dns root and you can make as many free domains as you like.

    (Only problem is, the rest of the world won't know they exist.)

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    Cool. Thanks you. Does that include hosting too.

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    Hosting is on servers (computer) so you can setup one for yourself.
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    I'm planning on buying one.

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    I know you're trying to do this all for free.

    If you eventually give up, I would recommend registering a domain and basic hosting for under $20/yr.

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    I have seen offers like buy web hosting and get free domain name or buy domain name and you will get some web hosting. Maybe it is the way to get started? - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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