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    XPLHost | Career Oppenings Available

    With our rapid expansion we are constantly growing our team. The following positions are available within our team. Do you have another skill not offered here? Contact us at [email protected] and we'll find a position for you.

    All Canidates should :

    - Be 16+ Years of age
    - Be Polite
    - Be Professional
    - Be Able to follow instructions
    - Be Able to complete various tasks assigned with out questions
    - prepare a basic resume

    Position: Sales Manager
    Number expected to hire: 1
    Pay: To be discussed in private
    Sales reps are responsible for assisting new workers and showing them how to use our scripts. You are also responsible for teaching them more about our company and servers. Sales manager's are still expected to still complete the duties as sales reps. You must have 3+ years of experience to apply for this job.

    Position: Sales Rep
    Number expected to hire: 5
    Pay: 10-15% Commission (possibly salary in the future)
    Sales reps are responsible for assisting new clients via live help and email. You are also responsible for going out and posting ads in various forums and getting us new clients.

    Position: Support Rep
    Number expected to hire: 3
    Pay: .50 cents a ticket (possibly more in the future)
    Support reps are the core workers. XPLhost wants to be known for its excellent support. Support workers will assist the clients via tickets and work with our server team to resolve any and all issues in a timely matter.

    Send your resume to [email protected] DO NOT SEND IT AS A ATTACHMENT! Only send it as plain text.
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    Hello, are those part or full-time jobs?
    In case it's the first option, how many hours a day, and how many days a week?


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    Mail sent please check Thanks

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    Sent email aswell.

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    interested in working as support... email sent
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    Mail has been sent with details....

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