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    Mysql Server


    we have about 10 servers that host about 500 domains where we offer hosting service with Cpanel, now we have see that the cause of every down is always mysql that use a lot of resource so i would move only mysql o a separate server.

    1)Do u think that 1 or 2 Dell Pe 6950 4 x Cpu Quad core cpu with 32Gb of ram can host all the database? each server make about 300query for second

    2) or is better to move all on a storage solution with Vmware?

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    To be completely honest with you, you're probably wasting your time. Have you even bothered to analyse slow queries? Optimise the existing MySQL service on your machines?

    99.9% of the time (in my experience) - people moving MySQL to "more powerful" servers could've been completely avoided if they'd learnt how to manage their systems correctly.

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    yes i can track slow query, but i could modify or optimize the code of each hosting customer

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    You could/should do that instead of investing in a new server, honestly

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    I agree, you should look at optimizing MySQL first, are you still using the default configuration? You will get a huge boost, simply by switching to mysql-huge.conf


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    just listening in... where are some good guides to optimizing mysql?

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    There are hundreds of "basic" guides out there, just ask Google and be prepared to do a lot of reading Generally they cover the most immediate and obvious things you can do to optimise MySQL and squeeze more out of it quickly. Have a search for something called "" which is a shell script you can run to give you some immediate tips based on your current MySQL configuration.

    Don't forget though, that they are server side optimisations. These may help, but will never be able to completely alleviate the problems of a poorly designed database schema to begin with. Poor indexing, for example, can really slow things down on large tables. Unfortunately in these cases unless you have a lot of time on your hands, you're pretty much at the mercy of client developers.

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    One way of forcing the issue with the SQL developers that are using your MySQL servers is restricting the queries/sec etc per user - this will then force them to optimize their queries.

    Of course this would be as well as tuning the server itself.

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