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    Comodo SSL vs Rapid SSL

    Are there any major diffences?

    I currently have Comodo SSL for one of my sites,

    Thinking of getting another SSL for another site. Rapid SSl is a much cheaper option, just thinking whats the difference?

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    Which SSL might help you out some. We use Comodo on all of our sites.

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    It depends on what you need it for? Typically, a $14 cert will work just as good as a $400 cert in terms of the encryption.

    The only reason the prices are different is the level of authentication and possibly some extra features (normal site seal VS dynamic site seal for example)..

    A higher paid certificate does not result in a more viable encryption.
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    Well to be honest, I mainly need SSl to raise customer confidence. I use paypal for transactions. I need the SSL only for customer personal details ie name, address, not for sensitive info as CC numbers.

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    I use for all my certificates. The pricing is very low-cost, and the certificates are the exact same "technically" in how they work as every other low-cost certificate.

    (I prefer rapidSSL because they are root, and not chained, so they're a bit easier to install.)
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    We use Comodo on all of our sites also. They seem to be easy to work with and have a great product.

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    We use Rapid SSL because it's cheaper and it works exactly the same as the others (in terms of the encryption, of course).
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    one issue we have had with comodo (haven't tried rapid yet) was that certain mobile phones needed a rootkit update in order to connect to the secure site.

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    At present its no problem to use low assurance certificates such as rapidssl , unless the one visting your site has vengine or other similar fraud/phising site screening software installed.

    If they do they will get a warning that the site's url ssl is valid but that the sites owner has not been verified.

    For the future its also possible that distincitions will be made in the different browsers showing the assurance level the ssl certificate have.

    For now IE7 does differentiate between EV SSL and other forms of ssl certificates. (The new Firebox 3.0 beta also have a similar feature)
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    Quote Originally Posted by IH-Rameen View Post
    A higher paid certificate does not result in a more viable encryption.
    Not strictly true.

    some of the higher priced SSL certs include SGC which is basically step up encryption. This means if someone connects to your site with an old browser that only supports 40bit encryption then the encryption level is boosted to 128bit by the SGC.

    Whereas lower priced certificates will leave the connection as 40bit.

    You need todecide when choosing a certificate if it is the strongest encryption you want or just the ability to show visitors that the connection has some form of SSL.
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