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    Dedicated Hosting

    I am looking for a Dedicated server, and I got a quote from a company.

    What you think about this quote.

    Tell me what should beb the price.

    2048 MB RAM
    Intel Xeon 3040 Dual-core Conroe Processor
    Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard - 32 bit
    10 IP Addresses
    100 Mbps Uplink
    1500 GB Bandwidth
    250GB Hard Drive
    Control Panel: Plesk 8.2 with PowerPack for Windows (100 Domains)

    OR do you have anything better then this.

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    Hosts can't list their prices here for configs as it would be considered an offer, and this forum is not for that kind of discussions. We are forbidden from advertising in the Main forums. If you want to get comparative offers, you'll have to contact those hosts you would consider and ask them to give you pricing based on that config.


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    You can also browse through the advertisers section here:

    It shouldn't be too hard to find comparable systems and give you an idea of what pricing should be.
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