Webdomain.com actually expands his activities to Europa. In that optic, we are looking to acquire established European hosting companies with cPanel customers.

We are targeting the following profiles:
  • In Good Standing with a good reputation,
  • Have a .com or .net domain (other extensions will be looked at, however),
  • Have a well developed web site that is indexed in Google with several backlinks and PR,
  • Cpanel customers is a must,
  • Decent plans (no unlimited),
  • Packages and Payments in Euros,
  • Warez, sex, P2P clients are not accepted,
  • Customers must have more than 3 months with the company,
  • Rather monthly paying clients that have remitted payment before (no free clients, minimal coupon usage),
  • Payments via credit card or Paypal,
  • Debt free.

We are preferably looking for companies with a large clients base that pay a small amount per month rather than a company with a small base of customers paying a big monthly fee. Companies with the latter situation will definitely not be ruled out though.

Also, we are focusing only on ESTABLISHED Businesses. We won't consider at all companies below 12 months of activities. Your website should receive traffic and should have had some recent promotional work done.

Beside this, unless the domain names and the potential accounts (2checkout, ebay, enom...), we are not interested by the other assets (software licenses, servers, outsourced support...).

If you feel that your company fulfills all our requirements and are looking for a professional webhoster to take care of your customers then drop me a message. I will sign as well all necessary agreements (like NDA). Attach them in your first message and I'll return them fulfilled before any further discussion.

Send all requests to pierre [at] webdomain.com with your expected price range. All offers will be looked at,extensively reviewed and answered.