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    Thumbs up The good people at Thank you!!

    I want to thank the good people (Jay i only know about) for their hard work, honesty and great customer support in allowing me to secure the WHMCS license i recently purchased that was almost scammed out from under me.


    I received a notification from Jay via PM stating that the scammer's WHMCS license was actually purchased though them, and that if the scammer didn't transfer the license to me, that they would simply move it too my account.

    And thats what they did. I was very lucky and i want to thank Jay for his efforts and his honesty. I really do appreciate it. I now own the WHMCS license as seen at the URL above and i must say i was very lucky.

    For everyone else looking for licenses though I recommend Jay and his outfit and they do have the best license prices for WHMCS, Kayako, Clientexec etc. Do visit them for all your license needs. We have multiple licenses though

    Thanks to Jay and
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    Yep! Jay is awesome! I have my WHMCS licnese through them and also had him do an integration for me...
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    They purchased the wrong license for me.. but as soon as i brought it to their attention Jay solved it and gave me a free ADDON!

    Love licensePal. Really respected company!

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