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    Postfix/DoveCot Configure and Migration

    All right folks,

    I have my new Dedicated box set up and running, but now need to have Postfix optimized and Dovecot setup and set to migrate users off my other email server.

    The Postfix/Dovecot need to be optimized for email delivery as I have several email lists with 24K or more addys on them.

    This is a Live Production box, so care is needed. Web server, Postfix/Dovecot, and squirrel mail are already there and waiting. Postfix/Dovecot just need to be optimized and set up to do the migration.

    Naturally, SpamAssasin and ClamAv would be expected to be installed as well.

    Anyone have the skill to do this in a timely and secure manner?


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    PM Sent,Please Check...

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    HostTech - I did not get your PM. At the time I was unable to receive them. I should be able to now, but don't know for sure.

    supportmatrix- I will entertain all offers. However, your email address makes me leery. What have you done before and for whom? Can you provide references? Please send me an email or PM with all the above and we will go from there.



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