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    HostingAmerica compromised system

    I am terribly lost, I have been with hostingamerica for the last 3+ months and all of a sudden I receive an email today that my account was compromised and I should fax my Id and credit card. I dont want to fax information that could possibly cause my identity theft. I really dont have a good feeling.

    I never use the system (just paying for it as of now) and I dont even think i have logged into the system since it was reimaged around 2 weeks ago. Now i get mails saying that they will be terminating. I am asking them to show me the logs and I havent received it from them

    1. The system was compromised (due to lack of security)
    2. Or chances being the only other person I shared my creditials was an employee of

    HostingAmerica is notorious with billing errors, I agree no one is perfect and infact I have recommended 2 of my friends who are now customers.

    Here is the email I received just now and I am furious.

    ------------------------------ snip -----------------
    If you are the true owner of this account then you understand that we are attempting to protect you from unauthorized charges to your account and you will have no problem with our request that you provide proof of your identity.

    Orders have been made from your server using various credit cards that are fraudulent. Your server has either been compromised or you are not who you claim to be. Your options are very simple please send positive proof of your identity including a Photo ID and a copy of the credit card used front and back or your account will be terminated within the next 12 hours.
    ------------------------------ snip -----------------
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    Hmm... well hosting america seems to be taking the right approach in contacting you in regards to your service/servers. If you feel that sending them your information may lead to identity theft or something along those lines you can always back up your data and find another provider.

    Another solution is save your data, reOS your system. Choose a stronger password and tie down your server then hope this does not happen again.
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    If you do send over details, be sure to hide stuff like your CVV2 - nobody needs that.

    They just need something that shows you are who you claim you are, and that you own the credit card used to make the purchase of your account.

    Best way to do it is scan, mark out the portions that could lead to ID theft, and send over, letting them know why you've marked them out. And then, if they have telephone support, call them and explain, and deal with the issue immediately rather than waiting for the 12 hour limit to run out.

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    Copy the back side of your CreditCard, then they can't abuse it. atleast not with visa.

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    Send them it over, ring your credit card company and ask them to block transactions you font authorise on the phone. see what happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henrikk View Post
    Copy the back side of your CreditCard, then they can't abuse it. atleast not with visa.
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    It isn't an unreasonable request.

    Some companies in the dedicated server market do this on high risk orders before issuing the server.

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    I would also call and ask if you can blank out a set of numbers on your credit card. The first 4 and last four should be enough to validate the numbers.

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