Just discovered what seems to be a hidden gem, mybb bulletin board software. Ok, quite a few probably know of it, but a search doesn`t reveal too much about it on here.

Sure looks like a nice piece of software, but the old saying "you can`t judge a book by it`s cover" springs to mind.

I joined the mybb forum earlier, but of course any opinions on the software will be rather biased there!!

So who here uses mybb? Is it good for a lightweight community, which needs a simple forum script, with attachment options and easy administration? No fancy gimmicks needed and bloated stuff that comes with the big players like vbulletin, IPB etc.

For me, first question however is security. Do these guys keep on top of things?

Does it work the server resources hard, or just fly because it`s light, well coded and optimized?

Any other tidbits about mybb would be appreciated