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Thread: MRTG graph

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    MRTG graph

    I have mrtg graph installed on my own box. My network provider has told me that the Nic is set at 100mbps and so is my connection port.

    But for some reason, i cant seem to my server be able to burst beyond 10mbps on the mrtg graph??? Is there something I need to set in order to allow the mrtg graph plot the graph beyond 10mbps. For example, I noticed that on the mrtg page, it says "
    Max Speed: 1250.0 kBytes/s ". Any help is appreciated.
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    Your mrtg.conf is set to indicate that the line speed is 10Mbps; when MRTG measures something higher than this, it discards it as obviously wrong.

    Find, and fix, mrtg.conf.
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