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    Talking $20 or $40 a month - CPanel/Plesk/DA Linux Server Management, 30 Day Guarantee

    IndyaMail Server Security for 20$ (onetime) a server within 36 hours GUARANTEED and 30 DAY PROTECTION POLICY OR 40$ a month for Unlimited Support & Issues!


    (see below)

    NOT only do we secure and optimize your server - but also install some great stuff for your Linux based Server !

    Includes -

    Apache Setup / Server Setup (CPanel Servers Only)
    Root Kit Protection
    Antivirus & Firewall Protection
    TMP Partion Securing
    Removal of uneeded services
    Zend Optimizer Installation
    Installation of GD Library/ImageMagick/NETPBM
    Over 70 different security measures
    Server Hardening & Tweaking
    WHM Updating / Apache Optimization
    Mod Security & Network Speed Optimization
    Protection from DDOS Attacks
    Nobody Controller & Preventer
    Cpanel/WHM Optimization (Security)
    Brute Force Protection
    Certification/Report at End of Work
    Report Confirmation by Third Party Security System for added security.
    Installation of SIM, RootCheck, Nobody Check and MORE
    Installation of Various WHM Security/Optimization tools so YOU CAN DO your own maintenance

    YOU ALSO GET Msn Messenger/Yahoo Messenger SUPPORT and 24x7 Telephone Support for 30 days.

    EMail Contact: [email protected]
    MSN Messenger: [email protected]
    Skype: indyamail
    AIM: indyamail
    Telephone: +91 98244 50000

    Payment Accepted: Paypal & Google Checkout.

    CUSTOMERS ACTUALLY leave their old 25$ per month contracts and pay 40$ a month or 20$ one time because they realise that sometimes paying more means getting A LOT MORE!

    HOW WELL DO WE PEFORM - Search for complaints, or issues..You probably wont find any... Why don't you see praises? Cuz unlike others - We don't ask our customers to go posting good about us (though you might find a few that did). And secondly since we actually ask low post clients not to reply since a lot of people feel the new posters are fake. Think of this as well - low post count users are inexperienced and need more help...but oh well..people just don't realise everything The reason is simple - we don't want to be over-rated by clients.

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    Added you to MSN..

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    Pricing is $25.00 as of First April, 2008.


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