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    [For Sale] Clean Professional Hosting Design


    I am currently selling a hosting design. Please see the design here: View Design

    The following is included with the design:

    * PSD and all deisgn files
    * All fonts/graphics used
    * 2 Coded HTML/CSS (both W3C complient) Pages
    * Free minor tweaks/edits (I will also incorporate your logo).
    * Full rights to do what you want with the design

    Please note that this template is 100% unique, and you will be the only person with a copy of it.

    Cost: $350.00 to buy our OR best bid (bidding will end March 31, 2007

    If you are interested, please PM me or post in this thread.

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    Very nice. Any subpage previews?

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    What is your best bid so far? And is it possible for you to add me to MSN to discuss it furthur? I tried to add you to msn but not sure what your email was but my is tang_tang [@]



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