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    Can I trust dreamHOBO?

    dreamHOBO is interested in running my box, and I was wondering if any WHT members have had any experience with him.

    Thanks guys

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    Can you trust us?

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    heh, never thought of it that way. I guess I can trust someone with a lot of legit posts... I dont know...

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    Have you asked him for any references? Maybe he could provide some...

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    I spoke to his friend, and he said hes a sales rep for

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    IMO if you don't know someone in person I wouldn't give them root access to anything...

    No offense to the person in question, it's simply I'm a generally untrusting person especially when it comes down to my boxes....

    My $.02, root is for me and for me only unless the other person has a NDA w/ me and I have a blood sample from them ....
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