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    Review on BetterHost.Ca

    I was looking at plans in
    The plans seemed pretty good.
    I would like to have reviews on this host for VPS

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    A simple search will yield the information you're looking for
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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyWilliams View Post
    A simple search will yield the information you're looking for
    Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.
    That is very misleading...

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    That's hillarious - My portfolio - Awesome tutorials and webmaster resources!

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    no proper reviews on betterhost ?

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    i'm with them from start. from december till now .. so far for me they are ok .. there where some problems .. but for price that i pay for that vps its ok for me. now they are owned by ObjectNova Inc and like can i see support is fast, servers are more stable..

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    Ditto, from my experence so far I wouldn't put a business critical website on their VPS plans but they've made an excelent fail-over for my main server.

    It's hard to say how they'll shake out but communitication has gotten better in the last couple weeks, so maybe all will be well.

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