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    Linux Box Runner Wanted

    I need someone to run/maintain a linux box. I am currently too busy to do it myself. I would offer the person either space on the box for personal use, or a reseller plan on the box. I need the person to apply all new patches, fix server errors, and anything else required to maintain a server. If interested, please reply and I will try to make a reasonable plan for you. Thanks

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    * Our company would..

    One of my Linux guru's said he might be interested. Let me know if you still need one.

    TechEGlobal Computer Solutions

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    dreamHOBO is doing it for now... once i get more servers, i might need more people, but then I might have the time to do it myself

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    I need someone to do that with my servers too, pls mail me about it. I offer free domain + hosting package or more packages, I wanna speak with person through MSN/ICQ for deal and all stuff

    So guys let's work

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