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  1. #1 Cheapest I ever saw

    haw any1 ever hosted with them b4?

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    Yep, I have several domains there.

    Their support is just great.

    Too bad If you want to regsiter your own nameservers you have to have they call it "Webpro" Account, which costs $21.00 one-time fee.

    Otherwise, You will be happy with their services. They are Enom's reseler.

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    I just bought my domain from them, how long did it take them to get yours active?

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    For standard com/net/org, it usually takes one to two days. Mine was active in a day.


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    Usually it takes approximately 24-48 hour for any ext. domains to be propagated.

    But I heard that some ext. such as .us .info .biz may also be propagated within 2-3 hours. Amazing hu ?
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    Mine propagate within 12 - 24 hours.

    I have some domains with GoDaddy as well, but I think I will drop GoDaddy and move to other such Powerpipe since they screwed-up my domains there.

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