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    Thumbs up Looking to make an advertisement deal with a host!

    I have an adult site which is not hardcore, but not something for younger audiences to see. It is primarily forum based, but I have a program installed that acts as a homepage before they enter the forums. On that page I wish to have a "Clip of the Week" which will rotate one clip per week.

    I only need 1 file hosted per week like I stated above, but I need the file size limit to be at least 2mb+. Obviously, the bigger the file size limit, the better for me. I would like to perhaps work a deal with another hosting company so that the "Clip of the Week" image links to a download page instead of the file itself.

    This way you may put whatever advertisement you want in order to be compensated for your space & transfer. This site is not actually live at the moment because I just switched hosts, and I am currently updating the look of the site. But the site has gotten over 2,000,000 hits per month before, and with this new look it should continue with that hit mark.

    You may PM me if you need a link to the site, or further description of what the site is about. Thank you for your time, take care everyone.

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    i dont think you will find a company to offer you that.
    One movie of 2mb can been thousands of Gb Bandwith.
    Everyone downoads free movies.
    We host and sponsor many adult sites but we never give this offer. Check
    You may upload your movie there.
    But it doesnt works 100%.
    We buy Hosts.
    icq: 149389211
    aim: konper

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    I've been getting a few offers, but thank you for your suggestion. Yes, it is a lot of transfer...but then again, it is a lot of ad exposure for that host as well.

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    Perhaps this will bring in a few more offers to the table. Run this idea by your noggin:

    The "Clip of the Week" section download clip will link to a download page on your server where you may put advertisements on to be compensated for your resources.

    A file size of at least 2mb+ would be appreciated, and you may put a download number limit on the file itself. Let's just say 5,000 - 10,000 for the time being.

    That would be a max of 10-20Gb of transfer which isn't too much when you consider the amount of exposures you are getting for your advertisements.

    Think about it, I hope a few more hosts become interested. Take care!

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    I have found a host to partner with, thank you for all of your responses.

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