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    suddenly really bad worldwide ping times to PowerVPS

    Is there anyone else using PowerVPS around?

    I am recently seeing very bad ping times and packet loss using worldwide ping tools like watchmouse to the VA datacenter.

    My other servers in Texas are receiving very good ping times and no packet loss.

    Just wanted to see if it's just my IPs or everyone else before opening a ticket with them... (not that they could likely do much). I did a similar test with them before signing up and the numbers were far better...

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    Okay this might be my silly fault.
    It's possible my server firewall (CSF) is blocking pings... need to investigate...

    update: no, the config file has it set to allow pings
    # Allow incoming PING
    ICMP_IN = 1
    Is it possible the vps node has it's own firewall blocking pings?

    I found this similar thread here but unfortunately with no resolution:
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    Have you tried doing a ping test FROM their servers?
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    Thanks for the reply (and the others folks via PM).

    I've determined this is most likely a firewall issue and I'd rather live without the pings and keep the slightly extra amount of security.

    This in no way reflects on PowerVPS, I've been very pleased with them so far.

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    I am running a vps with powervps and very happy with them too. However, looking for another vps for backup
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