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    Moneybookers Payment Getaway Problem

    hi all,
    is there way to test the moneybookers payment getaway?
    We like to use this in our billing system, however i could not find any way to make a demo purchase using my own account i have with moenybookers. On there website i saw that i have to contact there support and ask for a demo account. But afhter 1 week and 2 mails sent i did not get any repaly.
    Is there any other wy to test this out?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Yes, you will have to contact Moneybookers directly to have them set up a test account for you, and (for others wondering) they WILL NOT do it unless you already have a live account with them. Also, if you plan on testing recurring payments you'll have to really start pleading with them to get that set up.

    Moneybookers is really difficult to work with, and I would not recommend them from a developer standpoint.
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