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    Recommend Indian Datacenter

    Please Recommend me Indian Datacenter for dedicated servers

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    Im not sure if india has commercial dedicated servers, i know of colocation but i haven't seen any indian datacenters advertising... however i don't take notice of the indian server market.

    Good luck in your search.

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    The only datacenter that I've heard of India are those of VSNL. However, they are known to be extremely expensive compared to US datacenters.

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    Only VSNL & Reliance are offering dedicated servers but they are extremely costly. I don't think they can provide any support for linux boxes etc.

    If your clients/sites are very much dedicated to India/Indian related traffic, then try to check US West Coast datacentres, average latency is approximately 350 ms.

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    Indian data centers costs a lot. Its best to invest in US. If you are looking, then go a head with reliance or VSNL.

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    vsnl is very costly compared to reliance ..

    relaince server set up 7 days ....

    bandwidth much cheaper .....
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