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    Dedicated Server hardware to Real State Portal

    hello everyone.

    i want to star a real state portal, but i have some questions on what kind of server i will need.

    So my real state portal will have:
    PHP/Sql Databases (for all the information)
    Up to 20000 images (50kb each)
    Up to 500 Videos (encoded in flv. 400kbps at full screen)

    Visitors / moth: 100000

    Assuming that every user that enter the site, views many houses, and videos and photos.

    What kind of server or servers will i need to keep this website running?

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    Try with one basic server to get your feet wet (~$100). Don't sign any long-term contracts. See how your site grows. Expand as needed.
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    What kind of budget and redundancy would you like to have ? What is the target audience (i.e. local market or international market). How long do the videos take (1min - 5min minutes or longer?)

    All these (and many more) questions do depend on giving a good advise. The best advise i can give you is hire a technical consultant to help you figure out what is the best thing to do for your business.

    Maybe you can start small like AmyWilliams is suggesting, or maybe you do need a clustered environment with all bells and whistles.
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